Written by a 22 year old lass from Yorkshire, now living in London, who believes she has a lot to share and feels that her experiences and the life lessons she has learnt qualify her to be able to write this blog, or so she hopes.  In no way shape or form professionally qualified but feels that having had a platform such Helpista when she was younger to turn to, growing up would have been a hell of a lot easier.

Helpista was created with the aim to provide advice about a wide range of topics from relationships, taboo issues and careers, to general life advice, in the most real and authentic way possible.  Self love, self worth and self fulfilment are all themes which permeate and inspire this blog in the hope it will light heartedly but openly serve as the life manual you never had (derived from one girls opinion and based on her own experiences of course).  Helpista is a positive platform where experiences/issues/questions can be shared and discussed and any hate or judgement will not be tolerated.

Put ya feet up and 'ava read and (hopefully) enjoy!

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