Thinking out loud: the woman & the man-child

As women
Living in this image obsessed 21st century world
Is it our duty
to educate our men
the basics of relationships?


or do we just accept our fate?

I’m tired,
of being made to feel, 
that is a woman’s job to teach a man how to behave

‘it takes a certain type of girl to change him’
‘you need to behave this way and he will change’

Like our behaviour will influence the way in which the man conducts himself around other women
-ha ha, what a joke-

Isn’t it a step backwards to burden a woman with such a task?

A woman should be many things:
and bold
but the one thing 
a woman should never be
is a tamer,
of a promiscuous man

- Fuck that -

I can’t be the only one 
thinking that something has to change
I can’t be the only one
who is bored of the assertion
that the way a man behaves
is a direct response of the way his woman does.
Forgive me, but I just don’t see the correlation

So, [promiscuous] men
this is my message to you:

Grow up
Straighten your priorities
Re-learn the basics
& get your god damn acts together.

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