How to live a more positive life

*Back at it again with the life tips*

This week it's positivity.  I often get asked how I stay positive so I thought I'd share some tips with you that help me.  As always they are derived from my own personal experiences and what I have learnt, so you may not agree.  Sometimes it's nice to nosey on what other people find useful init?

1. Show gratitude
Find something in each day that you are grateful for, no matter how big or small.  On bad days, look a little harder!  You woke up this morning? You are BLESSED!  The more you practice gratitude the more you optimisitic you become. Gratitude is food for the mind, in my eyes.

2.  Don't sweat the small stuff
This point leads on from #1.  Stop making mountains out of mole hills.  You missed the bus this morning but did it kill you?!  If you're reading this then I'm pretty sure that it didn't.  ha ha

Training myself to just 'get over it' is something I've struggled with and I'll admit it's a constant effort.  Everytime I find myself about to open my mouth to moan I have to consciously remind myself to stop.  It can be difficult sometimes but the more I've practiced it the better I've become at it. Stop and ask yourself, can I change it?  Chances are you can't so whats the point in worrying about it or allowing it to ruin your day?  Take control over what you will and won't allow to consume your thoughts.

3. Be present
Allow yourself to be sad.  Allow yourself to cry.  Allow yourself a down day.
We all have our ups and downs and you're not going to feel like Beyonce all day every day ... AND THAT'S FINE!  Recognise your emotions and ride whatever emotional rollercoster you are on.  It's ok to not be ok all of the time, despite what society makes you think.  I feel like we really feel the pressure to get over our emotions these days that we often refuse ourselves the opportunity to overcome the actual problem.  Brushing the problem under the carpet and hiding your emotion will never do you any good.  By allowing yourself to actually feel the emotion, recognising the triggers of that emotion and learning how to deal with it will really help you to get to know you. Get in tune with yourself and thank me later.

Oh but I'm not just talking about emotions, be present with where you are in life.  For ages I put so much pressure on myself to find a career I loved and compared myself to everybody around me who already had it figured out.  It consumed my thoughts daily and I never got a career I love from it.  Thinking about it I was actually mentally torturing myself.  I came to realise that I will get to where I want to be with patience, perseverance and accepting where I am right now.   I'm a hell of a way off where I want to be but I'm so much further from where I was!

The important thing is that you know where you are and where you want to be and if your making plans to get from A to B you'll get there! Just enjoy allowing it to happen.

4. Switch off from social media
Following on from my previous post about passion, we feel a great deal of pressure to just be someone that we can often get caught up in the lives of others on social media we end up forgetting to live our own lives.  Remember that not everybody is who they 'post' to be.  People portray a life they get paid to portray and it's not real life.  Use social media as a means to inspire you or take some time away from it completely.  Don't watch other people's lives and wish it was yours, it's detrimental to your mental health! 

5.  Remove yourself from other people's issues
Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with lending an ear to a friend or family member and helping them out from time to time but when you feel like your carrying too much of their sh*t, it's time to unsubscribe from their problems.  As harsh as that might sound, we can get really invested in other peoples issues that it starts to weigh us down.  You aren't a crutch. Sometimes just listening to others moan about their partner day in and day out or how much they hate their boss can really mess up your positive vibes.   B*tch don't kill mine!

Live your life for you boo.  Don't apologise for being you and certainly don't worry about what other people think.   Wanna be a tomboy and play footy with the lads? Go for it babe.  Wanna be Youtube's next top beauty guru? Don't let me stop ya!

How do you try to stay positive?  I'd love to know, please comment and share below :)

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