5 tips to help you find your passion

Passion.  It's something we all have inside of us but very few of us know how to find it.  I spent so long waiting for it to come and hit me in the face and it was only until very recently that I realised it was down to me to go out and find it.  Like I was just going to wake up one day and know *rolls eyes*.  We tend to get caught up in this mindset that we should just know what we are passionate about but the truth is, passion grows from patience, knowing yourself and experiences.

1. Take your time
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to know what you are passionate about straight off the back of school.  The pressure when you are young to make decisions which will affect the rest of your life is immense and in my opinion, incredibly unfair.  Teachers, peers, parents and social media, the pressure to know what we want to do in life is EVERYWHERE!  Take time, allow yourself to make mistakes and enjoy the ride.

2. Take risks
Probably the best bit of advice I can give you. Risks are scary.  So take them!  Fear is a funny thing and we often avoid it at all costs.  We grow and learn from what we did do, not what we didn't so take risks and learn from them! Stay well informed and take well thought and planned risks. Hate your job? Quit! It's that easy.  But don't act on impulse - think smart, stay ahead of your next move and make multiple plans - I guarantee you it will pay off. 

3. Never stop learning
My public law University lecturer once said this to me and I never fully understood what he meant until recently.  Life is about learning and I don't just mean for educational purposes.  Learn something from everybody you meet, learn from your rights, learn from your wrongs and stay grounded.  You are never done learning.

4. Stay positive
Easy for me to say, right? Wrong!  Don't put too much pressure on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back from time to time.  Allowing negative thoughts to consume your mind will only push you further away from finding your passion. Thoughts become things, people! Don't forget it.

5. Get out of your comfort zone
If, like me, the thought of trying new things scares you then you will avoid them like the plague.  STOP stalling! The moment I stepped out of my comfort zone is the moment everything changed.  My mindset changed, my thoughts changed, my confidence changed and I learnt so much more about the person that I am.  You will also learn what you like, what you don't like and what you are and are not prepared to tolerate and this will ultimately aid you in finding your passion. 

This post was inspired by Eugenne Hennie Tedx Talks video, "How to find your passion and inner awesomeness".  I watched this video last July when I was feeling lost in every sense of the word and it ignited my change.

I hope that this post has inspired and encouraged you to get out there and find your passion!  Always remember, you are limitless and capable of anything!